Carstensz Pyramid as one of world’s Seven Summit of the seven continents. The term Seven Summits was first introduced by an American businessman named Richard (Dick) Daniel Bass, a citizen of the United States, around 1980. Dick Bass Dick Bass, whoa was also a Yale University graduate majoring in geology, came up with the idea of Seven Summits climbing circuits, creating a list containing the 7 highest peaks on seven continents, which is known as the "Bass List" and he became the first person who successfully accomplished his seven summits by reaching the top of Everest on April 30, 1985. 

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 carstensz pyramid

In 16 February 1623, Jan Carstensz, captain of a small boat from the Netherlands that was sailing in southern Papua, saw a very high mountain range in West Papua hinterland and some of its parts covered with snow through his binocular. Jan became the first European who saw that mountain range.  He described its location that close to the Equator at a distance of approximately 10 mile inside the hinterland. His report was not trusted in Europe, whereas in some time ahead there was also news about snow on Andes Mountain, in South America near the Equator.

Some years later in 1899, there was the Dutch expedition in charge of making maps in Irian Jaya, who discover the truth of Jan Carstensz’s report, which had been made almost three centuries earlier. Moreover, they named the glacier area as Carstensz Toppen or peaks of Carstensz. Since twentieth century, there were records of two expedition teams that trying to reach the area.

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