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Our primary mountain guides get more than 10 years of experience in Carstensz Expedition, and have reached more than 25 summits escorting international groups. Let’s say, it hardly ever be a reason for unavailable guide on the day of the expedition due to various conditions, as they can replace each other.

They are also rock climbing instructors whose equipped by advanced mountain rescue skills. In addition, we have a second team of junior mountain guides who sometimes get involve as assistants at Base Camp.

As our support team, we have two technical & logistic support crews who settled in Bali & Timika for many years. They support all guest needs related to the Carstensz expedition.




He was born in Manado and has been active in outdoor activities since he was a student at Indonesian Christian University of Tomohon Minahasa. Since 2007, Raymond Rengkung contribute to 35 successful summits of Carstensz expedition as professional mountain guide. Holds a mountain guide license and as a Board member of the North Sulawesi Mountaineers Association in the Tomohon region, Minahasa. Best achievement as professional rafting athlete from North Sulawesi by joining the Indonesia rafting championship for several times.


Arlen Botch is our mountain guide living in Manado, and he is currently the Secretary of the Indonesian Mountaineers Association of North Sulawesi. He has the rock climbing instructor certification of SEACF (South East Asia Climbing  Federation), also holds a Certificate of Competence as a Mountain Guide and Ecotourism from the Indonesian Tourist  Guide Profession Certificate Board. Experienced as a tour guide since 2007, Arlen Botch is our expedition leader who has contributed to 37 successful summits of Carstensz expedition escorted many international climbers since 2011.
Climbing Guide_HATTA GAHARU


He was born in Sorong (West Papua) but raised and studied in Manado. Since then, he participated and joined rafting association, outdoor activity club and mountaineering association. Currently, Hatta is the Treasurer of the North Sulawesi Mountaineers Association. He is certified flying guide, pilot also paragliding and paramotor instructors in Manado and its surroundings. As a professional mountain guide, Hatta Gaharu escorted many international climbers and contribute to 39 successful summits of Carstensz expedition since 2010.
Climbing and traveling in Papua entails a great deal of uncertainty and requires tremendous flexibility. In addition to the fickle equatorial weather amplified by high altitudes, political and bureaucratic challenges exist and can hinder the progress of the expedition. For these reasons we build additional flexibility into our itinerary and request that all team members fully understand the nature of where we are going, and the unforeseeable changes to our day to day itinerary that may occur.
Carstensz is a relatively unvisited and remote climb, offering a truly unique journey from dense low jungle to high technical rock, snow and ice, as well as extraordinary cultural exchange with remote native tribes of Papua New Guinea.
Carstensz Pyramid summit day is a one day climb, necessitating a pre-dawn departure to avoid the afternoon equatorial precipitation. The climbing is a moderate technical challenge, involving mostly rock scrambling and a few sections of mid 5th class difficulty. Proficiency with fixed ropes, ascenders, rappelling, and experience rock climbing are required.


Since 2014, Lucky Kolompoy has resigned from China National Offshore Oil Corporation then started to get involved as a guide in Carstensz Expedition and contribute to 26 successful summits, escorted many international climbers. Holds a Certificate of Competence as a Mountain Guide from the Indonesian Tourist Guide Profession Certificate Board. As a member of Indonesian Mountain Guide association in North Sulawesi, Lukcy has advanced skill of mountaineering navigation, handling mountain hazard, expedition logistic & support, horizontal and technical vertical rescue.
Helicopter approach to basecamp

  Sekar Ika was born in Yogyakarta Special Province and she is joined our company since 2008. She graduated from Indonesian Communication Academy majoring advertising studies. Her duties cover office management & administration including expedition permits, also get involved in our official websites, brochures and banner design. 
 This 34-year-old woman was born and raised in Manado, and graduated from Tourism Department of Manado State Polytechnic majoring in Associate of Underwater Ecotourism. 

Besides of a bachelor degree  graduate of Hospitality Management at Udayana University Bali, Vintty also participated on several course training, such as (2008) Tour Management & Guide Technique Skill Course , (2009) Basic skill Search & Rescue Course and became Indonesia National Rafting Championship member North Sulawesi Team in the same year, (2011) PADI Asia Pacific Scholarship course, (2012) PADI OWS Instructor, (2016) Joined the Summer School at Palacky University, Czech Republic.

Settled in Bali since 2012, her specialties are as Dive Instuctor & Volcano trekking guide. She has experties in designing a tour and prepare everything from the beginning to the end of a trip. 
 Yoga is a graduate of University of Indonesia majoring Tourism and Cultural studies. After he returned from Thailand get join our company as he has responsibilites in office management  & administration,  also involves in coordinating our adventure trip activities & expedition including Carstensz. In addition, he is the man behind our company wesbite and social media channel.